If you are interested in dedicating a project in honor or memory of a loved one, please contact Rav Ari Cutler,  Director of Development at:

Current Projects Available at Yeshivat Hakotel.

Security Enhancements

In light of the security situation and recent events,
the yeshiva has decided to refresh and refurbish its security for
the safety of its students and staff.
–System and materials to clean armaments, 2000 NIS
–Protective vests, hats, for the “Security Team”, 3000 NIS
–Training for the “Security Team”, 15,000 NIS
–Additional Security Cameras, 10,000 NIS
–Security Officer (part-time), 3200 NIS x 12= 38,000 NIS
–Gun, cell phone
, equipment for Security Officer, 4,000 NIS
–Improving Locking System for Doors (Electric Gate), 20,000 NIS

Cost of the Project: $25,000

Netilat Yadayim

Renovate and Dedicate Netilat Yadayim near Bet Midrash

Cost of the Project: $25,000

Coffee Spot

Renovate and Dedicate “Coffee Spot” before Dining Room

Cost of Project: $18,000

Bathroom Facilities on Main Floor

Renovate and Dedicate Bathroom Facilities on Main Floor

Cost of Project: $18,000

Overhead Projectors

State-Of-The-Art Overhead Projectors for 5 Classrooms

Cost of Project: $15,000 or $3,000 each

Building Naming

Renovation and Naming of Building 300

Donation: $1.5 million

Renovation and Naming of Kitchen

Renovation and Naming of Kitchen

Donation: $1 million.

Machon for Torah and Business Ethics

Yeshivat Hakotel Machon for Torah and Business Ethics

Donation: $520,000 over four years

Dining Hall

Naming of Dining Hall

Donation: $300,000

Naming of Shaare Tefila Study Hall

Renovation and Naming of Shaare Tefila Study Hall

Large hall used for lectures, conferences, and celebrations.

Donation: $300,000

Sponsor American Friends Web-Site

ponsor American Friends Web-Site

Donation: $100,000

Shaarei Halacha Hall

Shaarei Halacha Hall

Renovation of the “Shaarei Halacha” room, utilized for Tefillah, Torah classes and special programs.

Renovation and Dedication: $500,000

Hakotel Shiur Classroom

Total modern Renewal and makeover of the shiur classrooms

In these classrooms, Tanach, intensive Talmud, Halacha, and Jewish Philosophy are studied, Ulpan classes take place in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and where seminars are held, preparing students Halachically, spiritually, and psychologically to enlist in the IDF. Renovation of a classroom, including dedication, multi-media equipment, including projector, screen, and camera for live-streaming classes:

Large Classroom-70 seats $250,000
Auditorium Room for one Class- 30 seats (5 rooms)- $200,000 per room
Group-Study Room- 20 seats around a table (3 rooms) $150,000 per room

Womens Section

Renovation and Renewal of the Woman Section of the Main Beit Medrash

Includes new floor, ceiling, lighting, and brand new furniture.

Name dedication available- $500,000

Cheder Ochel

Renovation of “Cheder Ochel Segol”

Used for Seudot Mitzvah, small conferences and retreats, Ramim Meetings, and daily activities for students and staff alike. This includes an ability for an extension to the Reisfeld room next door with an electric moveable wall.

$350,000 (Includes the ability to name for a loved one)


Building of Two New Housing Units

within the lower complex of the Yeshiva. These units will be used for housing of Ramim, staff, and guests of the Yeshiva. Full Bedroom (Beds, Closets, lighting, painting and more).

$250,000 for each unit (includes dedication and naming opportunity)

Coffee Bar

Coffee and Refreshment Corner at the Entrance to the Dining Room

This space is active throughout the day, allowing the students who spend their day engrossed in Torah to refresh. The cost of running the coffee corner for one year, including stocking it with coffee, tea sugar, and other treats.

$25,000 (including dedication)

Renovation of the Public Restrooms

Renovation of the Public Restrooms

A full renovation, including modernization, and accessibility.

Each Floor – $50,000
Two Floors – $100,000
Dedication will appear on new Asher Yatzar signs

Music Room

Renovation and Upgrade of the Yeshiva’s Music Room

The Yeshiva band plays on holidays (At Chanukah Candle lighting, Chanukah Party, Purim Party, Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim), on special occasions, at Thursday night Mishmar and other times.

Cost-Including the renovation and equipment- $100,000

Security Training

Security Training

Upgrading and strengthening the security system of the Yeshiva. (Includes the captain of the Security squad and his full team of 20, yearly trainings, shooting ranges and equipment.




The Yerushamayma program of Yeshivat Hakotel seeks to train students to hear and see in depth what Yerushlayim is relating to us, to see the inner spiritual story of Yerushlayim, as it transcends facts and dates.

The program consists of 25 short tours that delve into the historical narrative of Yerushlayim, from the times of our Avot till modern day. This is combined with 25 shiurim on emunah that direct the students to see how Hashem leads us through different time-periods and historical events. The program is spread out over the year with the students experiencing a dynamic and unique mixture of the Beit Medrash and the hills of Yerushalayim.

$100,000 per year

Sponsorship of the Rosh Yeshiva's weekly  shiur to the entire Yeshiva

Sponsorship of the Rosh Yeshiva’s weekly shiur to the entire Yeshiva


Sponsorship of the Rosh Yeshiva’s weekly YouTube shiur on Parshat Shavua


Sponsorship of the Rosh Yeshiva's weekly shiur to the entire Yeshiva

Sponsorship of the Gemara iyun shiur of one of the Ramim


Hakotel Rabbeim

Sponsorship of one of the weekly supplementary shiurim (Emunah, Halacha, Tanach, Jewish Philosophy)


Hakotel Shiurim

Sponsorship for the year of 300 shiurim for the year sent over YouTube


Hakotel Learning

Sefarim for the students who finish the yearly masechet.


Hakotel Gemarahs

Sponsorship of Gemara’s for the Daf Yomi Track.


Hakotel Students

Machal Program- “The Lone Soldier”- Panim el Panim

Full program to ensure the Soldier feels loved, TLC, bi-monthly food packages, shabbatonim, programs, full support by staff.


hakotel alumni

Sponsorship of the alumni evening during the month of Tishrei, in which hundreds of students, alumni, and members of the public participate


Hakotel Yom Yerushalayim

Sponsorship of Yom Yerushalayim-Full Night of Learning


Hakotel Yom Yerushalayim Day

Sponsorship of Yom Yerushalayim-Full Day of Learning-$50,000


Chanuka Yom Iyun Hakotel

Sponsorship of Chanuka Yom Iyun


Hakotel Hike

Sponsorship of the Annual, Yeshiva-Wide “Yam L’Yam” Multi-Day Hike

A three day intense tiyul experience from the Mediterranean to the Kinneret, for all students and staff of Yeshiva-Israeli and overseas. Includes transportation, meals, sleeping and special treats. $25,000